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About the studio


BuzzLaw is excited to help law firms earn and keep new clients in the growing digital age. For years, we have honed our digital marketing expertise in web design, content creation, and email campaigns to help law firms across the country grow their name and brand.

Full-Service Web Design

Part of what helps attract clients to your law firm is a clean, attractive, and informative website that is easy to navigate and engaging to use. Our web design experts know what attracts and keeps a possible client engaged with your content.

When you choose BuzzLaw, we will perform a complete analysis of your website and give a detailed report of what is working and what is not. Once we know what your website needs to accomplish, we will work together to build on your website’s strengths and improve its weak spots.

Digital Marketing to Reach All the Right People

While you work on serving your clients, we will work on a digital marketing strategy to show off your services to other potential clients.

It can be overwhelming looking at all the ways you can reach clients, but once again, we will work together to make that happen. We will use a combination of social media, email campaigns, and SEO-strong content strategies to reach the people you want to work with.

We want to ensure that our strategy is still on point and we are delivering what we promised, so we will hold regular meetings to keep you involved in the whole process.

Out of Home Advertising is Our Jam

It sounds surprising, but not all advertising campaigns happen solely on digital platforms these days. We want to place advertisements where your target audience will most likely see them, which sometimes includes traditional billboards, the sides of trucks, and bus bench ads.

Creating the best OOH advertising campaigns works the same way as our digital marketing. We will work together on a strategy that utilizes all current technologies and platforms, keeping you in the know the whole way.

See Our Case Studies

We have a combined 50 years of experience in the advertising industry. You can see for yourself by clicking on any of our case studies available for a free download on our website. In addition, we detail what strategies and tools we used to help our client reach their goals so you can preview what we can help you with.

We Focus on Quality that Delivers on Your Goals

When your marketing strategy pays off, it is good publicity for all parties involved, but it is especially good for your law firm’s future.

We at BuzzLaw believe in raising each other up to deliver on our clients’ goals because their time and money are precious to their growth. We do not want to settle for anything less than stellar with your marketing strategy. Plus, we are simply excited to be a quality source of marketing information and expertise for your firm. Call or email us anytime with questions or concerns, regardless of whether you have become a client of ours.

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